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A love story...

creation and love... each new project is a marvelous source of inspiration.  

I like to feel things. in your words, your photos there is a story and above all emotions. You offer me this chance to be able to trace and color a part of you. I am sensitive to everything around me. All these "little nothings" of everyday life are transformed into "big everything".   I savor this constantly renewed happiness to express my creativity in poetry, to color magnified moments of life. So I take the time to share... the time it takes to think about you, imagine you and sketch you.

Yes, the projects are pampered, each illustration is unique, each line is a bit magical. I am always very moved to present to you the novelties, the new (features), as if, each time, it was the first. my creations feed my inexhaustible need to meet emotions and sublimate them. you have the words...

Now I can't wait to crunch and nuance them.


Present time

Spoiling loved ones is the new habit that feels good, like a desire to simply be together and burn it somewhere forever. More original than a photo, our personalized gifts are meant to be unique and carry an eternal sentimental value as strong as a hug. We create memories full of love to offer or to keep for yourself as true witnesses of your moments of life.

We want to fulfill this mission : tell and celebrate all the present moments.


Illustrations for all your stories

To each his family, his happiness and his stories. So at Marie Savart Illustration we create personalized products that look like you, tell you.

Our personalized gift ideas are created with love and tenderness to delight the whole family. In our workshop we imagine, we draw, we create according to the emotions and without constraint of calendar.

Make new parents happy by offering a birth gift filled with love, a witness of great happiness to keep in memory for, later, passing it on to the person concerned.

Dad, mom, child, grandparents, all siblings and also friends, girlfriends, are represented in our collections.

As many stories as you know because they are yours, we are simply here to illustrate them.


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