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The jewel

"Mon petit Bonheur Engraved" An exceptional collaboration

Emilie and Alexandre are Artisan Jewelers in the Lyon region. Founders of L'Atelier d'Or.

They also created leur Je T'Ador children's jewelry brand in 2010.

Together we share the love of pretty things, and moments of life engraved forever.

Illustrated jewels, unique and precious, telling your story.

It is then like an evidence, to be able to mix, my fine and poetic lines, with the artisanal know-how of "L'Atelier d'Or".

We imagine and create for you, jewels in your image and of quality, made by hand, in the workshop near Lyon.

The jewels are made of 18 carat (750 thousandths) recycled gold, to be kept like a little treasure, but above all to be worn, and  to pass on.

The jewel

On the eve of Valentine's Day, it is important to us to celebrate Love, and to offer you this very first Jewel, the "Baiser Coeur" bracelet.

it takes its name from this sweet illustration of two people kissing and forming a heart.

Create in your image, you just have to choose the options offered to make it a unique jewel.

The choice of your gold: yellow, pink or white, the length of the bracelet, then la everyone's hairstyle, glasses, beard... and finally, the engraving on the back. 

The little details that we love: the medal is heart-shaped and slightly inclined to match  the silhouette of the characters, above them a hollow heart, which can be found in a tassel on the side . 

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