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My First Superhero

a beautiful love story



-Petit Coeur de Beurre- is an association that agit to improve the quality of life of people with congenital heart disease and their families.
To intervene as closely as possible to patients, the association has signed partnerships with several national hospitals, hosting cardiopediatric surgery departments and/or congenital heart disease units. 

Because heart disease affects everyone, without distinction, without reason.

power and courage

In 2017 the Association "Petit Coeur de Beurre"

contacted me to imagine and create attractive diplomas which would be given to all these

"Little Butter Hearts"

to highlight their strength and courage.

The   diploma is now available everywhere in France in hospital structures (congenital heart disease surgery center).

Since graduating, this Little Hero has become a real emblem, mascot of the association.

Today, I am lucky to have been able  to draw this Little Hero to bring it to life... what an emotion!

The association was keen to create a double cuddly toy whose cape is intended for mum... and the cuddly toy for baby...

when the moment of separation comes, the cuddly toy recovers his cape and becomes a Super Hero with the smell of mum...

Thanks to Kaloo, who made this comforter, the project is coming to life!!!

I am happy to present to you "My first Super Hero". 

a Doudou for all!

To buy the Doudou and support the association  it's here:

I thank from the bottom of my heart, Gaëlle and Jean-Charles, founders of the association, for their confidence as well as Kaloo for having made this project possible.

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